Aaron Hinkley is relishing his international opportunities following his England U20 call up

Aaron Hinkley and his fellow England team-mates are hoping to take back the Six Nations title from France and start their competition with a win as they face Ireland away in Dublin in just under two weeks.

Hinkley spoke about the step up from club to international training and how Gloucester have helped him prepare for the training camp which he attended last week, he said:

“Training with the Gloucester first team every day is a big challenge in itself, so I’ve been preparing here as well as I can be with their help.”

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Like many players, Hinkley benefited from the various age groups in both club and international level, but found it hard missing out on England selection at U16 and U17 level:

“I didn’t get picked for England U16 nor U17, but what I think is really important is working hard and then you’ll eventually get the exposure once you deserve it.

“I thought it was the end not making the 16’s but once I eventually go into it, it’s actually a really important part of our development making it into the first teams.”

England go into the tournament hoping to make their seventh consecutive final in the competition, but Hinkley admits that the boys are staying focused with the task in hand.

“We are confident but its first job first, just play the game, get past the first game, all our focus at the moment is Ireland and obviously the aim for everyone is to win the Six Nations but for now it’s to focus on the job first.” 

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Although rugby is a team sport, at this level the competition gives players the opportunity to further their playing career and stake a claim in the professional set up, something that Hinkley is more than aware of: 

“Personally I would like to get as much exposure and development as I possibly can, there is a lot of training and great coaches around me so I’m looking to make the most of it.”

The competition kicks off on Friday 1st February where Hinkley and the England boys play the opening game of the competition in the hope of having a strong tournament ahead.

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